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What is Avid Media Composer Cloud Licensing?


What is Avid Media Composer “Cloud Licensing”?

Cloud Licensing is a fundamental improvement to how our customers license our products, as it is a new login-based licensing approach that no longer requires our customers to input cumbersome licensing keys to activate a license.

Avid Media Composer’s Cloud Licensing is a keyless entry for our customers to easily activate by simply signing into Avid Link – if you own it, you will run it!

Additionally, another clear benefit of a “cloud enabled” license is that customers can easily use 1 license on two or more devices (however, not simultaneously).

Imagine a scenario where you are at work using Media Composer on your work device, then you go home and would like to continue your work on your home device. In the case of an individual user with a single license, simply sign into Avid Link on your home device and Avid Link will prompt you to use the license from the device where your license is currently activated. Click “Yes, use this device” in the dialog when prompted – and with one click you have deactivated Media Composer on your work device and activated it on your home device.

See the Avid Cloud Licensing FAQ  link below for more details

Avid Media Composer Cloud Licensing FAQ