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New capacity and pricing for Avid NEXIS

New capacity and pricing for Avid NEXIS

Avid are pleased to announce that Avid NEXIS is now: Higher capacity, more affordable and more redundant

Increased Capacity

Avid NEXIS | Enterprise E2, E4, E5 engines are now available with 140TB Media Packs. Additionally, Avid NEXIS |E5 NL is now available with 160TB Media Packs. These new larger capacity drives raise the total storage capacity per engine while decreasing the £ per TB to store, manage, and edit the ever-increasing quantity of media that customers are producing. These new capacity points deliver up to 40% increase in capacity for around a 2% – 6% price increase. Furthermore, this represents more than 25% reduction in £/TB.

Increased Affordability

Along with the increased capacities for Avid NEXIS | Enterprise, the list pricing of the existing 60TB, 100TB and 120TB Nearline Media Packs has been aligned to deliver a lower £ per TB for the existing engines. Starting now the list prices for 60/100/120TB based systems is reduced 8% – 14% from previous prices.

Free Cloudspaces with New Avid NEXIS Systems

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces enables teams to store media in the cloud with ease and scale capacity on demand for uninterrupted production. This works perfectly as a companion to any Avid NEXIS media workflow. Because of this, Avid are now including a 1-year 250 GB Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces subscription at no extra charge with all new Avid NEXIS engine purchases. Help take the stress out of media management and storage utilization.

More Redundant

Lastly, Avid NEXIS | Enterprise online E2, E4, E5 are now available with All-Mirror configurations. These engines deliver the highest availability at a new affordable price. Broadcasters, Enterprise Post, Live Events and all customers requiring non-stop workflows can deploy Mirrored Workspace protection and get double the bandwidth.

Avid announced that Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.7.0 was released this past Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.7 is now available to qualifying customers via MyAvid accounts. For full details see the 2020.7 ReadMe posted on the Avid NEXIS Documentation page

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