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HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS)

HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS)

HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) is a high-performance 3D or media-rich remote desktop connection protocol that delivers an exceptional remote desktop user experience for rich user environments that include video, web flash animations and graphics intensive applications. All applications run natively on the remote system and take full advantage of the compute and hardware graphics resources of the sending system.

HP RGS software

Included in most HP Workstation supplied for Avid And Adobe Editing systems, Its being successfully used by many of our clients to set up a remote desktop connection into their editing systems.

Find out more with these links.

HP have recently ‘re-branded RGS as HP ZCENTRAL REMOTE BOOST

HP’s Remote Graphic Software info.

Avid have also published an article on their knowledgebase that will hopefully be useful for you setting up RGS for Avid systems


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