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Remote Post production workflows with EditShare

Remote Post Production workflows with EditShare

EditShare recently announced that Flow is available for FREE through July 2020

Remote Post Production workflows with EditShare

EditShare recently announced that Flow is available for FREE through July, 2020. Not only to current EditShare customers, but to anyone working to simplify storytelling and keep our communities connected.

Find out more with a quick introduction to EditShare Flow, 2020. A lot has changed recently as Flow is not just for EditShare storage, but it integrates with other Storage vendors, Disk, tape and cloud!

A new layer of intelligent media management for your storage


EditShare Flow is a software-defined media asset management suite, designed to manage millions of media and non-media assets across multiple tiers of storage. Whether you’re an edit assistant, producer or an online editor, Flow’s unique workflow capabilities enables teams located across the globe to connect, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly with a comprehensive toolset for every team member. As a software solution, Flow can be installed on your own hardware, offering the ability to scale as and when you need – from two users up to hundreds of team members.

Storage flexibility – Online, Nearline, Cloud

The software adds an intelligent software layer to your storage environment, helping you manage your content wherever it is – online, nearline, offline (tape) or cloud.

And, it is not just for EditShare shared storage. Flow offers native integration with platforms such as production storage Avid Nexis, StorageDNA, cloud based Amazon S3 and with any SMB mount storage pool. Automation enables you to move large buckets of media to different tiered storage.

Flow’s core components include:

Flow Story
Flow Story adds powerful editing capabilities, enabling users to work collaboratively between the Story client location and centralised shared storage. It is ideally suited to fast turnaround environments such as News, Sports and Reality TV programming, providing journalists and production teams with the ability to package content for finishing, delivery or play-out. Fast and efficient proxy-based workflow solves the problems of extra fees or upload times associated with ‘cloud’ storage; just amazing content delivered in a fraction of the time, anywhere in the world.

Media management on the move, the lightweight browser-based AirFlow client brings all the secure media sharing capabilities of the Flow MAM to multi-team multi-location productions. It’s simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, index, organize and play media content; and also upload and download content directly to and from central storage systems.

Flow Automation
The powerful Flow Automation application removes the complexities of dealing with large volumes of content and negates the workload of repetitive tasks such as transcoding, QC’ing content or delivering media to Amazon S3 buckets. Automation’s simple node-based interface enables you to put together factories of processes that can be run ad hoc or set to repeat on a daily or a weekly basis.

Remote Workflows

Flow creates many new possibilities for users to collaborate and produce content from remote locations. Alongside a powerful automation engine, Flow offers an intuitive suite of tools for fast, efficient and dynamic workflows.

editshare flow 2020 for remote working

You can read about different remote workflows here

The Workflow we want to highlight  here is for Remote Post Production

The current reality is everyone involved in post-production projects are unlikely to be in the building at the same time . Editors may be in one location, production elsewhere, producers somewhere else. But the need for collaboration is still required.

With Flow, teams can collaborate on content wherever they are through a regular Internet connection. Whether it is for logging, editing, delivery or backup, remote collaboration is easy to achieve. Flow opens many new opportunities for production and post-production companies.

Follow the link to read about other remote workflows for News, Marketing, New Media, Multi-Site all powered by EditShare flow.


Flow Licenses are simple to understand. Basic – the core tools for small studios, Advanced – the core tools plus powerful automation, and Enterprise – for multi-site operations. Find out more here.

EditShare have a neat FAQ to answer many questions and more detailed tech specs can be found here Altered Images can help you through the Server and system requirements.

Test Drive

If you want to set up a free 14-day Test Drive – then EditShare have you covered there too!

However Flow, is available for FREE through July 1, 2020, not only to our current EditShare customers, but to anyone working to simplify storytelling and keep our communities connected.

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