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Key features of Flame 2023


Key features of Flame 2023

Flame 2023 allows you to accelerate your post-production workflow with cutting-edge 3D compositing, VFX, and editorial finishing tools right at your fingertips.

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3D compositing toolset

Combine the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects in Action

Machine learning image segmentation

Easily isolate skies, human bodies, heads, face features, or other objects using AI-powered keyers

Timeline editing tools

Insert, cut, and apply effects to video and audio files

Next-generation camera tracking

Generate camera data, a point cloud, and Z-Depth map to easily position objects in a scene

MasterGrade creative color tool

Blaze through color work with an HDR-ready and float-point capable color tool

Integrated finishing core toolset

Color grade in an integrated environment that connects to colorist control panels

The Explorer grade bin

Store grabbed references and Timeline FX setups in a dedicated grade bin and reference comparison area

NDI video preview streaming

Stream audio and video across a network for more productive client sessions

Dolby Vision HDR content tools

Create HDR content with Dolby Vision technology for an enhanced viewing experience


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