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pixitmedia, is a qualified storage solution for Autodesk’s 3D VFX and finishing software family, Flame.

Storage and data management solutions provider, pixitmedia has been qualified as a trusted storage solution for Autodesk’s 3D VFX and finishing software family, Flame.

pixitmedia’s storage solution pixstor has been recognised by 3D design, engineering and entertainment software specialists, Autodesk. As a trusted and reliable solution for creative and media workflows, that utilise the Flame product family.

The Autodesk Flame Qualification signals pixitmedia’s experience in developing a network storage solution that can match, and exceed the performance of Flame-qualified local hardware storage repositories. “It’s great to have pixstor as a qualified storage solution for Flame, said Will Harris, Flame Family Product Manager, Autodesk. “pixitmedia has built an innovative, high-performance solution that has the potential to seriously accelerate the creative workflows of our mutual customers.”

What is the qualification based off of?

The qualification is based on an industry-validated set of tests and performance requirements, and requires storage solution vendors to conduct studies on their products when working in combination with Autodesk Flame. These results are then audited and verified by Autodesk which examines the performance of bandwidth, latency, frame playback, video rendering, and sequence scheduling within Flame of several different HD and 4K video formats.

Jamie Bean, Solution Architect at pixitmedia comments,“The Autodesk Flame Qualification is a seal of approval for pixstor and shows our ongoing commitment to providing a solution that guarantees reliable performance for our customers that use the Autodesk Flame family for finishing. We’re really pleased that pixstor is now fully recognised as a qualified and supported Autodesk storage solution. Our customers can now confidently go forward in using Flame on pixstor for their creative and media workflows with the technical support of both Autodesk and pixitmedia.”

pixitmedia’s pixstor solution brings a number of benefits to Autodesk Flame users:

  • Software defined storage purpose built for media and entertainment workflows
  • Leverages commodity network infrastructure to deliver SAN-like performance with NAS-like simplicity to multiple operators simultaneously
  • Supports uncompressed 4K at 60FPS and beyond
  • Runs natively both on-premise and in-cloud
  • Combined with pixitmedia ngenea, enables teams to collaborate globally whilst providing seamless, automated and ‘bottomless’ archiving capacity by integrating low-cost cloud storage with high-performance pixstor deployments

Support from Autodesk

With this qualification, users of Autodesk Flame family products on pixstor will also now be able to receive support from Autodesk through its knowledge network website and services.

pixitmedia architects purpose-built systems to enable creative and media workflows for companies in the media and entertainment space. If you would like to know more about how pixstor can achieve guaranteed sustained performance or the performance results from the Autodesk Flame testing process, please contact


pixitmedia facilitates seamless collaboration to enable the power of ideas. Our award winning purpose-built, software-defined storage and data solutions simplify the flow of data to connect an increasingly complex world. Our aim is to deliver beyond expectations throughout all areas of our operation. We devise optimised solutions that give customers both choice and freedom, our restless innovation constantly pushes boundaries and the unrivalled care and knowledge of our team ensure optimum performance and value. Customer success is at the heart of our business, we have technical specialists and a unique, dedicated lab facility to guarantee the effectiveness of our solutions. pixitmedia is privately-owned and headquartered in the UK, with offices in the USA and Germany


pixstor goes beyond storage, offering the consistency, performance and scale that teams in data intensive environments need to stay competitive. A complete shared storage solution, purpose-built for demanding media requirements, offering guaranteed performance from disk to desktop. pixstor is a data-aware scale-out NAS platform that ensures your data is always available, precisely when and where you need it, so your teams can be more productive. We’ve developed pixstor to support the entire media lifecycle from ingest and creation through to distribution and archive, providing significant benefits for the full spectrum of media-centric organisations. pixstor can overcome your data-hungry, workflow challenges.


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