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The latest update to Autodesk® Flame®

The latest update to Autodesk® Flame®, Autodesk FlareTM, and Autodesk Flame Assist provides artists with new and improved tools such as HDR Advanced Color Curves in MasterGrade, new ways to Conform even faster, a slew of video preview options, as well as new graphics hardware support



Hue curves allow artists to quickly manipulate specific colors in a shot, without the need for keying. Changing the color of clothing for continuity, making a grey sky blue, and turning green leaves orange, are all common tasks that need to be done quickly, while preserving the fidelity of imagery. Flame’s MasterGrade toolset now gets an expanded set of eight (8) new Hue modifiers and additional curve manipulation nodes: H vs H, H vs Sat, H vs L, Hue, Sat vs Sat, Lum vs Sat, Sat vs Lum, and Lum vs Lum.

In the example below, a combination of H vs H, H vs Sat, and H vs Lum allows colorists to adjust the green t-shirt to maroon, while preserving HDR values, calibrated to 1000 nits.

H vs H, H vs Sat, H vs Lum, Images courtesy of Treeshouse Edit

Hue vs Sat can be used to desaturate, or oversaturate, a specific color vector for artistic effect or a stakeholder’s request. In the example below, the blue flooring is turned neutral with Hue vs Sat.

Hue vs Sat

In the following example, H vs H is used to shift a magenta hue to a steel blue to better integrate into the composite.

H vs H, Images courtesy of Psyop

The new Hue curve offers similar functionalities to the H vs H curve. However, the Hue curve provides smoother transitions in regions where hues are compressed. Furthermore, hues cannot fold over on themselves, so there is less worry about introducing artifacts.

Below, Luminance vs Luminance, measured in Sc Linear float values, is used to map the boost of extended dynamic range for a CG robot.

Luminance vs Luminance

Curves are available anywhere MasterGrade appears, such as in Batch as a standalone Matchbox nod, or as part of the Selective in Image/Effects workflows. The MasterGrade curves operate in floating point precision and are tailored to all 3 classes of color spaces – Video, Log, and Sc Linear – with ballistics automatically adjusted, based on color tagging and/or user selection.

MasterGrade curves, as well as Primaries, can be controlled by external tactile control panels, such as the Tangent Arc and Tangent Element panels. For more information, visit


Artists can now enjoy an Auto Link Matches function to save a step when conforming edits. If a definitive match is found, the media immediately links, letting users move right along to multiple

match scenario selection and re-browsing for more locations to link to. Plus, the speed of scanning media is optimized, specifically when indexing MXF files.

Auto Link Matches


This update adds 12G SDI video output (4K UHD on a single cable) support for both Blackmagic Design video preview cards , such as Ultra Studio and Deck Link, as well AJA T-TAP® Pro support, a small form factor 12G-SDI & HDMI 2.0 ThunderboltTM preview card.

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