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Introducing Continuum 2021

The latest version of the award-winning toolset from Boris FX aims to deliver the most creative effect and transition options yet, along with all new powerful workflows. Meeting tight turnarounds just got easier!

What’s new in Continuum 2021:

  • New! The Cinematographer’s Toolkit includes 80+ cinematic effects that deliver classic analog filmmaking beauty to your digital world. HDR compliant, OCIO support, GPU-accelerated.
  • New! Film stocks, look development, optical filter simulations, lens flares with Flare Editor, rays & glows, gobo library, and more.
  • New! 1000+ presets designed by professional artists.
  • New! Particle Illusion: Emit particles in 3D, turbulence controls & lines option.
  • New! Primatte Studio’s Edge Cleaner: Tackle compressed keyed footage fast.
  • New! Title Studio: Adds procedural noise generators + texture composite shader.
  • New! Mocha AdjustTrack: Easily edit + correct the most difficult tracking shots.
  • Multi-host or individual plugin options (Adobe, Avid, OFX).
  • Available as a new license, annual or monthly subscription, or upgrade.

Continuum clients who are on a current Upgrade & Support plan or have purchased within the last year will receive a free upgrade to Continuum 2021.

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Please call Altered Images on 01932 255 66 for an upgrade price or for more info.