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Avid public beta of Media Composer 2020.2 with support for macOS Catalina

Avid public beta of Media Composer 2020.2 with support for macOS Catalina

Avid have released a public beta testing programme to support Mac OS Catalina  on Media Composer.

Avid Technology  – Tuesday 4th Feb 2020

We had anticipated a January 2020 launch, but we feel it is important to do the maximum amount of testing both internally and externally through beta, to ensure the best possible outcome. Users who are running macOS Catalina now (v.10.15) can download the Media Composer 2020.2 installer from the Avid Download Center and install it.

As this is a beta release, there are known issues and limitations that users should be aware of prior to installing it.

It is NOT recommend installing and using this beta release in the middle of a project. If users experience an issue with this software release, they will not be able to get support from Avid Customer Success as it is not an officially released software version.

However, Avid personnel will be monitoring the forum specifically for this beta ( Beta Forum | MC 2020.2 | macOS Catalina), as well as the Avid Facebook page and the normal Media Composer beta forums, and advising as needed.

Why are we doing this?

Media Composer users have been asking for support for macOS Catalina since it released in October 2019. Avid is dedicated to providing this support as soon as possible. Given the number of technical changes required to run on macOS Catalina, we want to be certain that Media Composer runs as expected before we do a wide release. While the traditional Beta program will continue to test this release, we wanted to release the beta to a wider customer base to get as much testing and verification as possible.

How long will the beta run for?

On January 30th, 3pm EST, the public beta launched and we will run the beta until we officially release Media Composer 2020.2 in mid-February.

What if users are not on Catalina?

The beta release of Media Composer 2020.2 will install on non-Catalina macOS versions. Users are welcome to use and test this version on non-Catalina systems and provide us with feedback; however, the primary focus for this public beta is testing on macOS Catalina.

How do users get it?

Users can login to their Avid Account and access the Download Center. The beta release is under the folder “PUBLIC BETA.”

Do users need a license to run it?

Yes, users need a license of Media Composer, Media Composer | Ultimate, or Media Composer | Enterprise with either an active subscription or active update and support plan. Alternatively, they can run Media Composer in Trial mode.

Are there limitations or known issues?

Yes. As this is a beta release, there are some known issues and bugs. Additionally, there are known limitations when running on macOS Catalina. Please review them all here prior to upgrading and installing.

How do users provide feedback?

Customers who are already part of the normal beta program can provide feedback via Users who are not part of the normal beta program can provide feedback via Beta Forum | MC 2020.2 | macOS Catalina.

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