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Object Matrix & Cantemo Webinar

Object Matrix & Cantemo Webinar

You’re invited to the Object Matrix & Cantemo webinar. Register to learn more about their award-winning technologies.

About this Webinar Event

On Wednesday 26th February, Object Matrix and Cantemo will be hosting a joint webinar and would love it if you could join them.

Object Matrix and Cantemo have been partners for over ten years. Organisations have been able to benefit from the partners, providing tightly integrated and automated media workflows, and making content available on demand from ingest through to archive.

The combination of the media focused object storage solution MatrixStore, integrated at API level with the powerful Cantemo Portal MAM, provides many benefits from increased operational efficiencies through to enhanced revenue generation opportunities.

Please make sure to sign up for the session that works best for your timezone.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please call Altered Images on 01932 255 666 for more info.