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Avid NEXIS Doubles Its Storage Capacity and Performance

Avid NEXIS Doubles Its Storage Capacity and Performance

Avid NEXIS Doubles Its Storage Capacity and Performance – By Ed Harper in Shared Storage –

November 16, 2016

The world’s first software-defined storage platform for Media Workflows just got even better. Large-scale systems of Avid NEXIS — the E5, E4 and E2 — now scale up to almost 3PB and 48 Media Packs in the latest software version.
What does this mean?

That means there is more than 2.5PB of protected collaborative storage at users’ fingertips, offering bandwidth up to 19.2GB/second in a single system. However small or large an organization’s storage needs may be — or however large they will become in the future — Avid NEXIS is fully scalable and able to adapt as an organization’s needs evolve over time.

For example, an organization could upgrade to running four fully configured Avid NEXIS | E5 engines or 24 Avid NEXIS | E4 engines to run at full capacity. And since Avid NEXIS storage engines are fully compatible with one another, these various engines can be mixed, matched and augmented — a storage investment in Avid NEXIS is never obsolete, as capacity, bandwidth performance and availability can be upgraded as content and production demands change.

High Scale and Reliable Workflows

As the media production landscape evolves, Avid is committed to changing along with it, offering the highest scale and reliability workflows. We test to all communicated limits with a broad range of Avid and partner workflow components so that NEXIS is the most comprehensive storage solution around.
Avid NEXIS High Availability

We know how problematic disk failures can be, slowing down operational efficiency and leading to unexpected downtime. That’s why Avid also has unveiled the High Availability option for NEXIS, also compatible with the NEXIS E5, E4 and E2 systems.

High Availability helps enterprise-level businesses deal with the unique challenges put forth by high-profile deployments that go beyond mere storage-capacity needs. With High Availability, Avid NEXIS can be configured to have no single point of failure to allow you to have confidence to meet production and on-air deadlines.

Here are a few of the features High Availability provides:
  • Redundant Storage Controllers – This hardware option offers support for automatic failover of critical services to keeps workflows moving no matter what issues may befall the system.
  • Redundant System Director Controller – With redundant controllers in the System Director Appliance, users can maintain access to media through System Director failures.
  • Redundant Networking – Protection from Network interface or switch failures.
  • Media Mirroring – Seamless engine protection, with instant, automatic fail-over, your editors can continue to work through failures that would take other storage systems off-line.
  • Media Protection Flexibility – Use the Media Protection scheme that best suits the project criticality. Avid NEXIS uniquely allows each project workspace to be configured with the ideal media protection type.
  • System High Availability Flexibility – Avid NEXIS is unique in that a non-redundant system can have high availability added when the user count or protect type demands it. Other systems require a full system replacement (forklift upgrade) or upfront decision.
  • No Single Point of Failure Architecture – Avid NEXIS is based on a ‘Shared Disk’ architecture that has a passive backplane enabling a fully redundant system with no single point of failure. All critical components from power and cooling to connections to the disk drives and central services and controller functions can be fully protected.
Avid NEXIS is the best choice for media workflows

Avid NEXIS is composed of an intelligent file system and pre-integrated modular hardware, offering production teams ready, on-demand access to a shared pool of storage. It works all with Avid MediaCentral Platform applications, including Media Composer & Interplay, as well as third-party applications. And the common, unique file system at NEXIS’ core — the Avid NEXIS | FS — allows all stored content to be easily searchable, as well as offering maximum protection,  scalability and capacity for collaboration.

So however large your storage needs are — or however large they will become in the future — you can rest easy, knowing your storage is safe, secure and scalable with the latest version of Avid NEXIS.


Ed Harper

Ed is a senior Product Manager in the Avid NEXIS collaborative storage solutions group, committed to designing, developing and delivering compelling solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry.


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