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Avid Media Composer 2020.6 Available from, June 23rd 2020


Avid Media Composer 2020.6 Available from, June 23rd 2020

Media Composer 2020.6 was released this past Tuesday, June 23. The installers have been made available via Avid Master Accounts, Avid Link, and the Download Center. This update introduces new features and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, including:
  • Titler+ Thumbnails: Titler+ effect templates display thumbnails in Bins allowing you to quickly identify titles in Frame, Script or Text view when the Frame column is displayed.
  • Custom Raster Exports: Export content in custom formats including 1:1 and 9×16 to .mov or OpenEXR format.
  • Timeline Segment Selection in Inspector Tool: Selecting segments in the Timeline will populate the Inspector with Clip Text metadata.
  • Dock or Tab the Settings Window: The Media Composer Settings window can now be docked in a panel or tabbed with other tools.
  • Variable Frame Rate Media Support: Media Composer now supports variable frame rate media wrapped in .mov and .mp4 (media often created when recording with a cell phone) without the need for QuickTime.

Bug Fixes

  • Marking an IN and OUT and then dragging an effect to the Timeline sometimes caused multiple additional add edits.
  • Windows) FrameFlex scaling might have appeared blurry on some images.
  • In some instances, changes in the Timeline and audio were not correct after performing a batch re-import or relink of the audio.
  • You might have received a “No such track” error after performing a mixdown for a sequence with a Timecode Burn-in effect
  • If you zoomed in on a Paint Effect object in a sequence and then scrubbed the Timeline and moved the object, the image displayed was incorrect.
  • You might have received a “Fails Playout QC Process due to repeating idr_pic_ids” error when exporting 4K / UHD XAVC Class 300 media
  • AAF exports were much slower than in previous releases

For complete information on all of the fixes and updates, please refer to the Media Composer 2020.6 What’s New and ReadMe.

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