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Now Available: Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.5.0


Avid,  Now Available: Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.5.0

Avid announced that Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.5.0 was released June 4, 2020.

This release includes the following features and updates:

Avid  Edit on Demand: Enable workspace & user permission management for Avid NEXIS | Cloud

  • Enable selected user accounts in Avid | Edit on Demand to create, delete, and resize Avid NEXIS Workspaces and assign user permissions
    This will allow the customer to customize the Avid NEXIS | Cloud Storage to suit their workflows

Avid NEXIS All-Mirror Engines

  • Enable customers to deploy All-Mirror NEXIS configurations at an affordable price to deliver the highest level of availability for fast turnaround and critical workflows

All-Mirror engines are specifically designed to deliver the highest level of media protection to make non-stop production affordable. These engines use Avid NEXIS Media Mirror protection, which in conjunction with Avid NEXIS Due Times allows Media Composer editors to work seamlessly through a wide range for issues and failures in Avid NEXIS, from multiple drive failures. Through controller switch over to complete engine loss with no interruption while playing, ingesting, or scrubbing a timeline.

Avid NEXIS All-Mirror engines support media mirror with 2-disk, or 1-disk workspace protection to fully protect all media and all workspaces. A minimum of 3 All-Mirror engines configured the same, plus an Avid NEXIS | SDA is required for media mirror protection. All-Mirror engines must be in their own Storage Group (cannot be connected to existing ‘flexible’ protection Storage Group), which can be part of an existing system with Avid NEXIS Nearline, SSD or flexible protection engines (using a common SDA). All-Mirror engines do not allow 2-disk, 1-disk, or unprotected workspaces to be created and cannot be modified or upgraded to support flexible protection; however, all other engines in other Storage Groups can run any Workspace Protection scheme supported by those engines.

40GigE Linux Client Support

  • 40GigE Linux Client Support
  • Enable playback ultra-high bandwidth media
Avid NEXIS client support for Windows Server 2019

Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.5 is now available to qualifying customers via MyAvid accounts. For full details see the 2020.5 ReadMe posted on the Avid NEXIS Documentation page.

Avid NEXIS | FS 2020.5.0 is Recommended for all systems

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