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Important information for Avid NEXIS users


Important information  for Avid NEXIS Users

Avid NEXIS provides unique collaboration capabilities allowing teams of all sizes to work together. It is very important for NEXIS users to keep their systems up to date.

All Avid’s documentation for NEXIS can be found at this link.

That’s the place to go for the latest read-me files, set-up guides, compatibility and administration guides. With a  NEXIS support contract from Altered we always recommend also talking to our technical support team to discuss your situation.

We also highly recommend following Avid’s NEXIS user channels on Facebook.

From time to time Avid will issue important upgrade instructions – We have one of those situations for anyone still running NEXIS versions older than 2022.9

Please read below , if you have any questions please reach out to

The Call to Action:

Have EVERYONE you know upgrade all their Avid NEXIS storage system core to 2022.9 or newer

#1 Avid NEXIS metadata

What is the issue:

[SSENG-32169] The Avid NEXIS system stopped responding while creating Workspaces.              

This is an odd corner case where a Workspace does not get created or deleted correctly leads to metadata not being able to load. The system is down and needs extensive assistance from Avid support.

The good news;

The issue is fixed in Avid NEXIS 2022.9 (and newer)

The Call to Action:

               Have EVERYONE you know upgrade all their Avid NEXIS storage system core to 2022.9 or newer

As above, an upgrade to Avid NEXIS 2022.9 or later will avoid this issue. The fix in 2022.9 prevents the issue but cannot ‘fix’ the issue on a lower version system by simply upgrading – meaning you cannot wait and upgrade if you hit it – the upgrade must be NOW.

As mentioned previously, the compatibility of Avid NEXIS and other systems such as Media Composer, Pro Tools* MediaCentral** and 3rd party applications is dependent on the Avid NEXIS Client version (not so much the Avid NEXIS core version) – meaning you can upgrade the Avid NEXIS core (to get protection from this and other fixes) and leave some clients on the older version (if needed) for compatibility reasons.

* for Pro Tools on Avid NEXIS – we recommend Avid NEXIS 2023.12 and Pro Tools 2023.12 to benefit from recent performance and stability enhancements

** Certain MediaCentral (Interplay) components (Media Indexer, Transfer Manager) strongly recommend Avid NEXIS Client 2023.12


#2 Avid NEXIS E2 SSD drive firmware update

A drive firmware update is available for Avid NEXIS E2 SSD  (the older 2U12 not the new F2 SSD) – this firmware update avoids a drive stability issue.


A drive firmware is available. They are performed remotely by Avid CS. The firmware update requires a short maintenance window (each drive upgrade is approx. 5 seconds)

Customers with Avid NEXIS E2 SSD should contact Avid CS and open a case.