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Avid | NEXIS Subscription Promotion

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Avid | NEXIS Subscription Promotion

Avid’s Video and Media business unit is pleased to announce a new promotional discount of 20% for Avid NEXIS | FLEX Software Subscription and associated hardware

Avid are offering 20% for Avid NEXIS FLEX Software Subscription and associated hardware, through to June 30, 2023. This offer applies to Avid NEXIS F-series and Avid NEXIS | PRO+ FLEX Subscription. Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD cannot be included and this promo does not apply to Avid NEXIS integrated systems (perpetual).

Avid NEXIS FLEX Subscription Value

  • A subscription-based software model allows customers to upgrade and scale without a substantial one-time, upfront fee
  • Subscription allows easier transition from on-premises to cloud when their business is ready (BYOC)
  • Capital investment savings (moving from CapEx to Subscription) can be redirected to finance longer-term business initiatives that can translate into higher near-term profits
  • Annual subscription can be a benefit for the customer because they do not have to go through a complex, and costly time-consuming procurement process
  • Subscription provides a better entry-level pricing and the ability to add features and gain value from the initial experience
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People who create media for a living become greater creators with Avid’s award-winning technology solutions to make, manage and monetize today’s most celebrated video and audio content—from iconic movies and binge-worthy TV series, to network news and sports, to recorded music and the live stage. What began more than 30 years ago with our invention of nonlinear digital video editing has led to individual artists, creative teams and organizations everywhere subscribing to our powerful tools and collaborating securely in the cloud. We continue to re-imagine the many ways editors, musicians, producers, journalists, and other content creators will bring their stories to life. Discover the possibilities at and join the conversation on social media with the multitude of brilliant creative people who choose Avid for a lifetime of success.