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Avid – March Release of Media Composer 2018.12.2

Avid – Available Now: Media Composer 2018.12.2

Avid is pleased to announce that the March release of the Media Composer Family (2018.12.2) will be made available, March 19th

Avid is pleased to announce that the March release of the Media Composer Family (2018.12.2) will be made available, March 19th at 12 PM EDT. Updates to Media Composer | First, Media Composer (subscription and perpetual), and Media Composer | Ultimate will be released at the same time, and will be made available from Avid Master Accounts, Application Manager, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required). 
This update contains a number of important updates:
  • Support for Mac OS v10.14.3
  • Titler Animation Update: In previous releases, you could animate only one text layer, and no shapes. With this release, you can animate up to a total of 10 layers (any combination of text and/or shapes).
  • Pro Tools Compatibility: An AAF embedded export from Media Composer did not import properly into Pro Tools v12.7.1 and earlier. If you experience this problem, enable the “ProTools 10/12 compatibility” option in the
  • Export As AAF dialog. The exported AAF will be compatible with earlier versions of Pro Tools.
  • Multiple Groups: The Multi-Group function has been updated to give users the option to create multiple groups as well as the Multi-Group. This functionality matches how Multi-Groups functioned prior to the release of 2018.12.
  • New DNxUncompressed Format: This release supports DNxUncompressed S2.14 (for YCbCr projects, DNxUncompressed 4:2:2 16 (2.14) bit MXF; for RGB projects, DNxUncompressed RGB 16 (2.14) bit MXF)
It also includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, such as:
  • When Audio Scrubbing (Caps Lock) was enabled, the video did not update on the external video monitor.
  • You may have received exceptions and/or Breakpad reports when loading clips from the Production Management window to the source monitor.
  • In some instances, modifying Timewarp parameters in the Motion Effect Editor crashed the editing application.
  • You might have received an “Assertion failed” error when loading certain sequences from the Interplay window into the Source window.
Avid Titler+:
    • In some instances, selecting active windows did not work properly if you were working with an Input Method Editor (IME).
    • Unrelated buttons inadvertently appeared in the Effect Editor when working with an Avid Titler+ effect. The buttons have been removed.
    • Changing the font or color, or editing your text in your animated title would break the animation.
    • You could not enter Japanese text.
    • Languages written from Right-to-Left were not supported
SubCap Effect:
    • In some instances, depending upon the font and size, Subcap titles were cut off.
    • Some upper case characters in the Hungarian alphabet were cut off in the Subcap effect.
    • In some instances, Subcap text would flicker in some areas of the sequence.
  • When working with MetaGlue media, you might have received an exception error when Media Composer tried to build the database for 16mm media, and 35mm 3 perf media.
  • Dynamic Relink settings were not retained in shared projects when saved as a site setting.
  • The editing application crashed when selecting multiple audio keyframes using Alt+Shift+drag.
  •  (Windows) On some systems, you could not mute or adjust the volume using the Monitor Volume button.
  • Effects added to video on V1 were actually added to filler on V2.
  • (Interplay) The “Root Folder for this Project” value was not always maintained in the Production Management Folder Settings dialog.
  • (Mac) Language options were not available for PhraseFind and ScriptSync.
  • In some instances, the blue Position Indicator would hang or disappear during playback if you zoomed in on the Timeline.
  • In some instances, Avid Media Composer read the timecode incorrectly on native files.
  • Occasionally, playback would stop when it reached certain stereo clips.

How to obtain Media Composer 2018 Updates:

The latest update to Media Composer will be made available on Tuesday, March 19th at 12 PM EDT.

Customers who have already installed the latest version of Media Composer will be notified of the availability of the upgrade via the Application Manager. The Apps tab also provides a link to download and install the update when desired.

New customers who purchase Media Composer will receive the update in their Avid Master Account.

Customers on current Update & Support plans can download the Media Composer update either from their Avid Master Account or the Avid Download Center (login and password required.)

To find out more and see the Avid 2018 Documentation – CLICK HERE