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Do you use fixed-rig camera systems?

If you do use fixed-rig camera systems, then it is worth talking to Altered Images about a range of solutions. 

Just a few more questions… Do you want a single button press for the camera operator to select video and control? And, do you want macro function buttons for camera settings?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have a partner  you should know more about  –  Integrated Camera Systems (ICS)

Integrated Camera Systems

Integrated Camera Systems has the solution for you. Custom written software for use on fixed-rig programmes. It will make your operation more efficient, and deliver a better quality show.

Altered Images have already partnered with ICS on a number of fixed rig projects.

Who is ICS?

They are a systems equipment hire company. It specialises in video and remote camera control, with a number of systems and sizes available.

What is the ICS System Integration?

They have developed bespoke control software for Panasonic PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras over serial or Ethernet. This software integrates into audio and video mixers, matrices, (predominantly Blackmagic hardware) and also supports TSL protocol for umds and tallies.

Where has the software been used?

The software has been used on numerous programmes over the last five years. The largest system to date was for The Trial: Murder In The Family (DragonFly TV for Channel 4) with 40 cameras switched into 8 streams employing 3 camera controllers.

What is different about the ICS software?

  • It has been created by a guarantee engineer with over 10 years of experience designing fixed-rigs.
  • It can be programmed with powerful customised macro functions enabling a single button to trigger many operations.
  • The software is being continually improved as the behest of and specifically for camera operators and engineers.

Is the ICS software for sale?

No, it is currently only available to hire along with a computer. This is to ensure that we can make the regular & continual updates available to all users.


ICS have built a portable demo system which is configured for up to 4 cameras. We would love the opportunity to come & show you how ICS would integrate with the work you currently do.

Altered Images have a number of  successful fixed rig case studies (find out more here – Our Work) Working with many of the products we sell including Quadrus, Avid, Ross Video  EditShare, Panasonic & BlackMagic Design. We can help design bespoke systems including gallery design, vision mixing, camera installation  and storage.

Call us on 01932 255 666 to see how we can help you more or to find out more about ICS