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Available Now: October Release of Media Composer 2018.10

Available Now: October Release of Media Composer 2018.10

Avid is pleased to announce that the October release of the Media Composer Family (2018.10) was made available on Wednesday, October 24th at 12 PM EDT. Updates to Media Composer | First, Media Composer (subscription and perpetual), and Media Composer | Ultimate were released at the same time, and were made available from Avid Master Accounts, Application Manager, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required).
Included in this release are:
  • Support for Apple macOS Mojave (10.14) Media Composer 2018.10 now supports Apple macOS Mojave (10.14). Please refer to this page for information regarding Mojave support in other Avid products – CLICK HERE
  • New AVC Long-GOP Supported Formats We now support AVC Long-GOP G6 and G12 in Media Composer, along with additional operating points for G25 and G50. For a full table of supported operating points, please refer to the What’s New Guide
  • HDR Color with HD Formats Additional project presets have been added for HD Progressive Project types with HDR color spaces


This update contains a number of important bug fixes, as well, including:

The following issues using the Artist | DNxIV and DNxIP were resolved in conjunction with AJA Control Panel, Driver and Firmware package v14.2.2, which will be released to My Avid customer accounts and the Download Center next week:

  • Jitter on playback
  • Loop Play in Trim mode not working correctly
  • Dropping frames on audio in the Timeline
  • Playback stuttering and errors with linked OP1a XAVC UHD media.
  • You might have seen a BSOD (Windows crash) after launching in a Media Composer | Cloud VM environment.
  • In some instances, Media Creation settings did not remain the same after closing and opening the project.
  • Send to Playback might have failed if your sequence contained audio with clip pan and a rendered audio dissolve, or if sending AVC Long GOP media that had an I-frame at the beginning of the sequence.
  • Audio might have been out of sync and you might have seen audio underruns when linking Apple Prores 422 using the QuickTime plugin.
  • Issues related to H.264 media: exports losing stereo audio; hang on export; and incorrect audio waveforms during playback.
  • Issues related to Live Timeline:
  • Inability to scroll while during playback
  • Inability to add markers on stereo audio in the Source Monitor
  • Loading a new clip into the Source Monitor by performing a drag and drop operation did not stop play and load the clip.
  • Pressing Ctrl + / did not zoom to show the entire sequence
  • Inability to enable/disable tracks in the Audio Mixer
  • Inability to click Clicking on Source Browser contents was stopping playback.
  • The editing application became slow after loading a large sequence into the Source/Record monitor.
  • In some instances, the thumbnail displayed on the Frame column in the bin appear as Media Offline when importing a matte key.
  • (Mac) If you had Boris FX Final Effects Complete installed, you may have had problems with Open I/O devices.
  • Intermittently, the blue bar in the Source and Record monitors did not move.
  • You might have seen the following issues if Run Length Encoded is enabled:
    Core Consistency Check Failure” errors when recreating animated Marquee titles
    Media size might not be accurate when working with interlaced projects
How to Obtain Media Composer 2018 Updates:

The latest update to Media Composer was made available on Wednesday, October 24th at 12 PM EDT.

Customers who have already installed the latest version of Media Composer were notified of the availability of the upgrade via the Application Manager. The Apps tab also provides a link to download and install the update when desired.

New customers who purchase Media Composer will receive the update in their Avid Master Account.Customers not on a current Update & Support contract must purchase either a new Media Composer Subscription or Perpetual license to receive this update.

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