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Wasabi Unveils Integration With Adobe Premiere Pro

Wasabi Unveils Integration With Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editors to Access Wasabi’s Low Cost, High Performance Cloud Storage without Leaving the Adobe Environment

Video Editors to Access Wasabi’s Low Cost, High Performance Cloud Storage without Leaving the Adobe Environment

In November 2019, Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, announced its integration with Adobe® Premiere® Pro, the industry-leading video editing software. With the ‘Wasabi Panel for Premiere Pro’ users can leverage Wasabi‘s affordable hot cloud storage to store video assets and then view, drag and drop available video assets from Wasabi directly into their Premiere Pro projects.

What do they offer?

Wasabi offers a single tier of high-performance storage at 1/5th the cost of Amazon S3 and faster than its competition, with no charges for API calls or data egress. Wasabi leverages the LucidLink file system to provide the fastest access to video content stored in the cloud. With this integration, multiple Premiere Pro editors have the ability to work on projects simultaneously and finalize them from a centralized storage environment through intelligent object chunking and distributed metadata synchronization. For finished work, Wasabi serves as a truly active archive where all stored assets are immediately available for future reference and repurposing. Wasabi is built for exabyte scalability and delivers the highest levels of content security with 11 9’s of data durability.

“Wasabi is flexible, cost effective and easy to use cloud storage, so video editors can focus on creating the most compelling entertainment experiences without worrying about charges to retrieve content from the cloud,” said Marty Falaro, SVP Global Sales and Alliances of Wasabi. “With Wasabi, production workloads can be stored cost effectively in the cloud, accessed without friction or added expense, and protected in the most diligent manner. In combination with Adobe Premiere Pro, Wasabi enables creators and storytellers to deliver the best finished product at the lowest possible price in the shortest time frame. Our team is looking forward to working closely with Adobe.”


Wasabi is a high-performing alternative to expensive on-premise storage hardware and first generation cloud storage services. With flat-fee pricing of $5.99/TB/mo, Wasabi slashes the cost of cloud-based production workflows while providing budgetary predictability. For Premiere Pro users, Wasabi makes video editing more affordable, scalable and efficient.

Premier Pro

“Premiere Pro is increasingly becoming the go-to production tool for fast-turnaround TV series to feature films,” said Sue Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations for Adobe Video. “With film and TV productions increasingly moving to the cloud, storage capacity and compute needs have escalated, especially in the era of 4k/8k resolutions and high frame rate video. The Wasabi panel for Premiere Pro enables creatives to easily tap into affordable cloud storage, offering secure and seamless collaboration across people and geographies to engage the best artistic talent for the project at hand.”

For more information on how to best utilize Adobe products with Wasabi, see full overview here.

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