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Now Available: Media Composer 2022.7

Media Composer

Now Available: Media Composer 2022.7

Avid were pleased to announce that Media Composer 2022.7 was released today: July 7th, 2022. Introducing a number of customer-requested features and enhancements that provide greater efficiency and ease of use, including:
  • New Match Frame Results for Group and MultiGroup Subclips: Using Match Frame on the subclip of a Group or MultiGroup clip now loads the original subclip of the Group or MultiGroup clip.
  • Custom Workspaces for Multiple Monitor Configurations: Media Composer can now create and save different workspaces for display setups that use multiple monitors. This means Media Composer will remember the position of windows and tools based on the number of displays you have connected.
  • New Keyboard Mapping Options for Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve: Keyboard mapping options for Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve have been added to the default settings in the latest version of Media Composer.
  • Text Justification Relative to Anchor Point in Titler+: Changing text justification in Titler+ will now shift the text layer relative to the anchor point position.
  • Select Filler with Segment Tools Added to the Timeline Menu: The “Select Filler with Segment Tools” option can now be accessed via the Timeline Settings window or the Timeline menu (and can be mapped as a keyboard shortcut).
  • Timeline Clip Notes Display for Nested Clips: In the latest version of Media Composer, if the topmost clip does not contain a Timeline Clip Note, but a nested segment below it does (this occurs when nesting effects), that note will be displayed on the topmost segment.
  • New Enablers with Improved Design: The “enablers” used to toggle properties on or off for a clip, have been updated with a more consistent size and new overall appearance.

For complete information on all of the new features and updates, be sure to review the What’s New Guide and ReadMe.