EditShare is an award-winning system for storing audio and video media files in a central networked location.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts with offices in UK, Australia, and Los Angeles, EditShare builds network shared storage and media management solutions powering smart workflows for the media and entertainment industry.

Through our technology EditShare strive to empower storytellers to craft and share their stories.  We simplify the process of storytelling with solutions that enable collaboration, improve the production process and remove tedious tasks that get in the way of creativity – freeing storytellers to do what they love. 

With its patent-pending technology, which allows all connected workstations to capture, access and share a common pool of media files, while guaranteeing a fast and efficient workflow as well as the safety of your media files. Thanks to another patent-pending innovation, EditShare is also the only non-Avid solution that supports full Avid Project Sharing – allowing multiple editors to open and work from the exact same Project and get instant Read-Only access to each others bins and sequences.

EditShare is the first affordable solution for true collaborative editing – designed for the industry’s leading NLE products like Avid Media Composer, BlackMagic Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro, Canopus Edius, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas. Today, there are hundreds of  systems in operation around the world working at resolutions from offline all the way to uncompressed HD and helping digital content producers be more efficient and more creative.

Altered Images are an Award-Winning Reseller
  • EMEA Enterprise Project of the Year 2023
  • EMEA Reseller of the Year 2018
  • Support and integration partner of the year 2013-2014
  • Leading European Reseller 2011-12 (awarded at NAB 2012)
  • European Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the Year 2009-2010
  • United Kingdom Leading VAR 2007

EditShare Storage

EFS is a software defined ecosystem uniquely tailored for media centric environments 

Share collaborative projects and media with creative users working on premise and in the cloud. 

EFS 450 
A 3-node, 192 TB entry level cluster with over 2.3GB/s of bandwidth that can scale linearly to unlimited capacity. 

EFS 300
Enterprise-Scale high performance shared storage for media production.

EFS 200
An entry level server that can scale to a three node configuration supporting 360TB.

Engineered for bandwidth hungry formats such as uncompressed DPX, DNxHR and ProRes 4444. Scaling from 8TB  to5PB.

Enterprise class scale out storage.

A storage Node intended for 'Parking' media. 




FLOW Media Management


Use your tools of choice with full asset tracking and native drag-and-drop with no transcoding.


Whether working at your desk, remotely connecting from your home, or working in the cloud, your media management suite is available to manage your production workflow.


Download today and be set up in a matter of minutes.


Thousands of assets, scattered across multiple servers and USB devices throughout your facility. Recognise this picture? There is a smarter way – EditShare FLOW

FLOW is a media management platform that supports and manages all types of media content, whether located on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation .

FLOW handles all of your media by indexing every file, centralising them and enabling easy access through a simple, effective IO.


Flow Story

FLOW Story

FLOW Story is designed for fast turnaround environments such as New Media, News and Sports, providing journalists and content creation teams the ability to quickly edit and package content for finishing, or delivery to social media channels.  






AirFLOW brings all the media sharing capabilities of FLOW to secure multi-team, multi-location productions. The simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, organize and play media content – as well as upload and download content directly to and from EditShare central storage systems.




FLOW AutomationFLOW Automation

FLOW Automation adds an additional layer of intelligence to your FLOW media management system. Automation can orchestrate workflows and remove human repetitive tasks like copying, moving, deleting, transcoding and organizing projects or media spaces. Simple or complex processes can be triggered at regular times of day or week or based on user actions. Automation also provides an on ramp to the cloud.




Featured Products

EditShare EFS SSD

EditShare EFS 450

EditShare FLOW Media Management

EditShare EFSv

EditShare EFS 300

EditShare EFS 200

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    Sales & Finance

    EditShare have released EditShare / Flow

    EditShare have released EditShare / Flow

    EditShare have released EditShare / Flow

    Details for both online and offline updates are available from http://updates.editshare.com/

    Highlights for this release:

    • EditShare Storage and EditShare Connect are now compatible with Mac OS Sierra (v10.12).
    • A new Storage Goals feature has been introduced for systems running the EditShare File System (EFS). This was present previously with no UI; there is now the ability to set the goals on spaces in EditShare Manager.
    • Various improvements to Active Directory support. These apply to both the Password Synchronization and Active Directory Single Sign On (ADSSO) features.


    Flow Logger
    • Two new settings to show/hide thumbnails (log entries) and show/hide markers on the timeline’.
    • A new Capture View Label drop down list in the Settings menu allows you to choose to display Source, Channel number or Clip Name in the  Capture list during live logging.
    • A new set of keyboard shortcuts allow you switch angles between captures 1 to 8 (numbering is based on the order of captures displayed in Capture Preview).
    • A new set of keyboard shortcuts allow you to move the In and Points in captures. You can now open multiple captures and see all the log entries in a single view.


    • AirFlow has new keyboard shortcuts for logging and setting in and out points.

    Flow Browse

    • Open multiple captures and see all the log entries for those captures in a single view.
    • You can now merge multiple clips into a single capture.
    • New setting in Flow Browse lets you disable external drag and drop operations.
    • You can now create a sequence of ingested clips held in the File Based Ingest queue.

    Flow Story

    • You can now browse, purchase and download royalty-free videos from Pond5, from within your Flow Story projects.

    Flow Control

    • You can now control who sees third party spaces using a new UI in the storage tab.

    Flow Installers

    • Windows client installers are now packaged as MSI files to facilitate mass deployment on large systems.
    • Flow Browse, Logger, and Control
    • Flow clients (Browse, Logger, Control) now log to standard locations. In Windows, all clients now create log files in C:\users\{user}\AppData\Local\EditShare.



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