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DaVinci Resolve 14.2.1Update Now Available

This software update includes over 50 stability and general performance improvements, and is recommended for all DaVinci Resolve 14 users

DaVinci Resolve 14.2.1 features better performance on the edit page while generating thumbnails, correct output of 5.1 and 7.1 WAV files, a more reliable progress indicator when generating optimized proxy media, over a dozen Fairlight audio improvements, better Multicam viewer performance, the ability to change multiple clip properties at the same time, new Power Window tracking indicators for frame mode, improved stability for rendering Cineform and H.264, faster ProRes encoding, faster XAVC-I decoding and much more.


Full List of New Features in DaVinci Resolve 14.2.1 and Bug Fixes:

•    Addressed an issue where playing frame-based clips in the Media page would not play the synced audio
•    Addressed an issue where Resolve would sometimes not output audio on certain pages in macOS
•    Addressed an issue where audio formats for stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 were not set correctly when rendering WAV files
•    Addressed an issue where rendered adaptive tracks were incorrectly tagged as stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 formats
•    Addressed an issue where changing clip audio properties in the Inspector would not work correctly when multiple clips were selected
•    Addressed an issue where deleting a volume keyframe and performing an undo would not restore the smoothening applied
•    Addressed an issue where the source meters would sometimes not reflect the correct number of channels for clips with audio
•    Addressed an issue where the Fairlight viewers would show a still image during playback when monitoring with a Blackmagic Design capture and playback device
•    Addressed an issue where render jobs could not be added for audio only timelines
•    Addressed an issue where rendered media files would sometimes have blank audio on the first video frame
•    Addressed an issue with marking render ranges when rendering an audio-only timeline on the Delivery page
•    Addressed a crash when adding a marker to a clip with cross-fades
•    Addressed an issue where moving an audio clip on the Fairlight page would sometimes result in a crash
•    Addressed an issue where the metadata widget would remain blank when clips were selected on the Fairlight page
•    Addressed an issue where audio FX applied on clips inside a nested timeline would sometimes not get saved
•    Addressed an issue where deleting an audio clip in a layered track and performing an undo would restore it in an incorrect layer
•    Addressed an issue where resetting audio properties in the Inspector would not fully reset the clip equalizer
•    Clips dragged on to the timeline no longer update the position of the playhead
•    Addressed an issue where viewers would become blank when Video Scopes were enabled in Edit page
•    Addressed a crash when decomposing compound clips from certain timelines imported using XML or AAF
•    Addressed an issue where reimporting EDLs exported from Resolve would cause a crash
•    Addressed an issue where performing an undo on a take selector action would sometimes result in a failure to save the project
•    Clip names stored in EDL comments are also available as a render tag
•    Power Windows with tracking now also have an indicator on the viewer overlay to show when they are in frame mode
•    Addressed an issue where reconforming to a clip at a different source resolution would result in misaligned power windows in some cases
•    Addressed support for DCDM ACES Output Transform with gamut clipped to P3 per SMPTE spec
•    Addressed an issue where stills grabbed on a project migrated from Resolve 12.5 project would not be saved
•    Addressed an issue where loading gallery stills would sometimes take a long time
•    Addressed an issue where some stills would show a black frame when wiping
•    Addressed an issue where node cache would sometimes incorrectly be invalidated when rippling color parameters
•    Addressed an issue where the Dolby Vision CMU would be in pass-through mode until the trim metadata was modified
•    Addressed an issue where qualifier controls remained editable when disabled
•    Addressed an issue where Intel graphics hardware would not be recognized as OpenCL compatible with the latest drivers on Windows
•    Addressed an issue where the Generate Optimized Media progress dialog would sometimes disappear before the operation completed
•    Addressed an issue where performing a Save As after a failure to save a project would sometimes result in the original project disappearing
•    Addressed an issue where selecting multiple titles in certain timelines would result in a crash
•    Addressed an issue where deleting timelines in some projects would result in a crash
•    Addressed an issue where Blackmagic Design Capture and Playback devices would not be detected on older drivers on Windows
•    Addressed a crash when enabling 4:4:4 SDI monitoring with certain Blackmagic Design capture and playback devices
•    Addressed an issue where viewers would become blank when enabling Data Burn Ins and monitoring with a Blackmagic Design capture and playback device
•    Addressed an issue with network connectivity on the JLCooper Eclipse panel
•    Addressed an issue where changing the source folder or relinking clips in the Media Pool would not affect the associated matte clips unless they were explicitly selected
•    Addressed a crash when rendering to Cineform at certain resolutions such as 2K DCI Flat
•    Addressed a crash when decoding some H.264 clips
•    Addressed an issue where colorspace metadata was exported incorrectly when rendering MXF clips
•    Addressed an issue with default brightness levels when decoding RAW formats from some still cameras
•    Addressed a crash with decoding some high resolution XAVC clips on certain system configurations
•    Addressed inability to render multiple mono audio tracks to the MXF OpAtom container
•    Improved encoding speeds when rendering to Apple QuickTime ProRes
•    Improved decoding speeds with XAVC-I media
•    Addressed performance degradation when using CUDA compatible OpenFX plugins
•    Addressed an issue where Edit page playback response would be delayed during thumbnail generation
•    Addressed an issue with viewer performance on multicam clips on certain system configurations
•    General performance and stability improvements


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