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BirdDog NAB 2022 News

BirdDog OG4

BirdDog NAB 2022 News

BirdDog have made a number of new announcements at NAB 2022

OG4. The World’s First NDI® openGear card.

BirdDog OG4 is the world’s first NDI® openGear card. OG4 features four independently configurable 12G SDI inputs and outputs. Full Dashboard support is included along with SFP+ port for 10GbE connectivity.

openGear is an open-architecture and modular 2RU rack frame system that allows for OG’s from various manufacturers to live together in the same frame in total harmony.

P110 & P120.

Full NDI® PTZ cameras. Levelled up.

P110 and P120 set a new benchmark in format support, connection flexibility, and picture quality, with excellent lowlight performance. Housing a Sony Exmor R back-illuminated sensor and BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon, P100 & P120 offer four output options including NDI®, SDI, HDMI for live production work, and UVC USB for connecting to Zoom & Teams. Output multiple flavours of NDI® including Full NDI®, NDI® | HX2 and HX3, as well as other options including SRT, h.264, and Cloud Connect. It even supports FreeD output for AR/VR workflows. There’s also an OLED display to show the IP address, 360° mohawk tally, filter thread, and free Auto-Tracking available. And yes. The cameras support NDI® 5 natively.

CORE 5 & 7.

Encode. Decode. Stream. Monitor. Record.

Core 5 and Core 7 live at the very heart of your live production and offer incredible format flexibility. Convert any SDI or HDMI signal live into your choice of NDI®, NDI® | HX2, NDI® | HX3, SRT, H.264, HEVC/H.265, RTMP, or RTSP in up to 4Kp60. Record files to the USB-C port. Add a Cloud Connect licence and you have a globally connected camera with super low latency. The High Bright screens are viewable in direct sunlight and the video analysis tools include vector scopes, Waveform, RGB parade, and more, while the SFP+ port allows for a direct 10GbE connection over copper or Fiber for ultra-long runs.