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Storage DNA DNAevolution V4.5 is packed with features, So should you upgrade to LTO-8 ?

It is now a good time to move to LTO-8 if you own an older Storage DNA system, our looking for a new storage/archive/restore solution ? 

Storage DNA DNAevolution V4.5 is packed with features,  So should you upgrade to LTO-8 ?

V4.5  now with with LT0-8 technology is here to take your archives and workflows to the next level. DNAevolution V4.5 has numerous enhancements, features and customer requests . Highlights include LTO Data Migration, Automatic Verfication  and improved Smart Dashboards.

LTO-8 what are the numbers ?
SDNA Lto-comparison-table

SDNA Lto-comparison-table

But is it true LTO-8 cannot read LTO-6?

Yes it is true. The change is from the older GMR (Giant Magneto-Resistance) heads to TMR (Tunnel Magnetoresistance Recording) heads. These heads deliver more write tracks and greater density. This increase in capacity allows for a multi-generational roadmap out to LTO-12.

Is now a good time to move to LTO-8 if you own an older Storage DNA system ?

LTO-8 will not read your LTO-6 media. In addition, LTO-8 drives will be far more expensive than their LTO-7 counterparts. Moving to LTO-7 now is a great way to migrate your content on LTO-5 and LTO-6 tapes to LTO-7.

Isn’t Content Migration a huge and complex undertaking?

Not with DNAevolution V4.5, which includes a simple tape to tape migration option. NO RESTORES NECESSARY

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SDNA Upgrades from Altered Images

Existing Customer special pricing extended on DNAevolution Upgrades

Upgrade your existing system now and get the latest software and hardware that will keep your archives available for the long run! The latest version INCLUDES the all new tape to tape Migration tool that lets you move your files from older generation tapes to the latest – without having to restore them first!   So if you have an LTO-5 or LTO-6 archive there’s never been a better time to talk to us about your upgrade options.


Storage DNA  DNAevolution V4.5 is packed with new features. So if your’e looking for a new storage or archive solution read on !

DNAevolution, now with native 12TB LTO-8 media is even a greater value and can provide you with the lowest price per Gigabyte for storing your valuable content.

Shouldn’t I just move to Nearline Disk? I mean, isn’t it really low cost now?

Spinning disk solutions such as Shared storage solutions , nearline disk and object storage are great options for a number of use cases, however, it is still hard to beat tape for storing cold data. Take a look at the table below. For 1PB of cold data, you could end up spending 5X-6X more.

SDNA nearline

LTO-7 Tape vs. Nearline Disk/Object Storage

  • Cold Storage Comparison
    1 PB Of Cold* Data
    24 Slot, 2 Drive LTO System
    Data needed to be retained, but not immediately accessible

DNAevolution turns LTO technology into an extension of your online storage, which intelligently integrates your workflows.  Adding Shared storage is one solution but if your looking for a smarter solution that can deal with camera archives and Hi res LTO conform  across your workflows then StorageDNA  could be for you !   Heres a typical example of how customers are using StorageDNA.

DNA Example Avid workflow

DNA Example Avid workflow


What about the cloud:

Cloud storage is emerging as a viable alternative for long term storage. Cloud storage is a great answer for modest data storage needs e.g. personal users and a few professional users. However, for larger quantities of data, cloud storage upload speeds, download speeds, download costs and storage costs can quickly eclipse tape.

Over a 3 year period, the cost of cloud can be 3x that of tape (See table below).

SDNA cloud

SDNA cloud


1 PB Of Cold* Data
2 Copies of LTO Tapes
AWS Glacier Pricin

Even if the cloud makes sense to store your data, wouldn’t you want a copy onsite, in case?

Build an Open, Scalable, Secure Archive

100% open archive via LTFS (for data) and XML (for metadata)
Integrates into many popular third-party applications and any open storage system
Multiple levels of protection ensure that content stays safe long-term.

Conquering the Content Deluge

File-based content is being generated at an unprecedented pace, and whether you manage a broadcast facility, post house, boutique editorial or corporate media department, it can be a daunting task to figure out where all of this media should go. Add higher resolutions (2K, 4K+), higher frame rates (60fps, 120 fps), and the need to convert analog libraries to digital, and you have a major undertaking on your hands. Oh, and let’s not forget security and disaster recovery of all this valuable file-based content.

Engineered for Media Environments

DNAevolution is unique in its ability to understand media file structures and integrate into media workflows. No other archive solution offers DNAevolution’s deployment flexibility for creative media environments.

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Storage DNA  V4.5  now with LT0-8 technology

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