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Spectra Logic Now Available, StorCycle Software, Automate Data Management.

Spectra Logic – Now Available, StorCycle Software Automates Data Management, Saving Up to 70 Percent in Storage Costs

Reduces Storage Costs by Up to 70% and Transforms the Way Organisations Manage Large Amounts of Data

Spectra Logic Unveils StorCycle, a Storage Management Software Solution that Reduces Storage Costs by Up to 70% and Transforms the Way Organisations Manage Large Amounts of Data

On December 5th 2019, Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and data management solutions, announced general availability of StorCycle™. It is a storage management software solution designed for data-driven organisations, needing a modern storage life cycle management workflow. Typically, around 80 percent of an organisation’s data is inactive, but is kept on an expensive primary storage tier, taking up valuable storage capacity and increasing storage costs. StorCycle provides an affordable and effective way for organisations to identify and move this inactive data to lower-cost storage platforms while making it easily accessible to users.

StorCycle automatically scans primary storage for inactive files and migrates them to a lower cost tier of storage, called the Perpetual Tier, which can include any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network-attached storage (NAS) and tape, ensuring the data is protected. This reduces the amount of data on expensive primary storage, shrinking backup and recovery windows, reducing the need for additional primary storage, and increasing overall performance.

In addition, StorCycle’s unique Project Archive feature enables users to tag and move entire project data sets to a perpetual storage tier. The completed project can be accessed by an organisation when needed, all while being preserved on less costly storage for as long as required.

About Spectra StorCycle

StorCycle is a storage management software that automatically identifies and migrates data based on age, size or other user-defined policies. In addition, the users can manually choose project-based directories to archive. Designed for data-intensive environments, StorCycle delivers affordable long-term protection and access for data that is no longer active, but deemed indispensable to an organization.

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