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Panasonic Business News

NEW: Wide Angle 4K PTZ with IP Streaming and Camera Controller

At IBC 2019, Panasonic showcased the new AW-UE4 ultra-wide-angle 4K PTZ camera. With a 111° field of view video output via multiple interfaces (HDMI, LAN and USB), the UE4 is ideal for large or small areas, from huddle spaces to e-sports productions. Designed with a single-cable solution for video transmission, camera control and power supply, the unit supports Power over Ethernet and can also be used as a USB camera powered from a computer. Watch Dean Offord from Panasonic provide an initial overview in the first video below.


NEW: Compact Remote Camera Controller

The brand new AW-RP60 remote camera controller is equipped with a large LCD to display a clear GUI menu screen, and an improved joystick for smoother control. It is also capable of supporting up to 200 cameras in 20 groups, manages 100 presets and comes with PoE support in allowing for an easy integration.



Transform live video production with 8K ROI camera system

The 8K ROI (Region Of Interest) multi-purpose camera system is set to change the landscape of live event capture, by allowing up to four different HD images to be produced from a single 8K camera. This means that a single master camera operator can drive multiple views from a single position, and improving the overall quality of coverage of a live event.

8K ROI (Region of Interest)

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