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Fantastic offer on Panasonic PTZ cameras

Fantastic offer on Panasonic PTZ cameras

Special Offer! Now through June 30th, 4 Panasonic AW-UE70 4K cameras bundled with a Panasonic Camera Controller for only £15,999. EX VAT

Call us for a fantastic offer on PTZ cameras; Get 4 Panasonic AW-UE70 4K cameras bundled with a Panasonic Camera Controller.  All for only £15,999, saving over £2,000 compared to the leading web prices!

4K image quality gives greater depth to the video, and IP video output flexibly delivers content

The compact AW-UE70W/K integrated pan-tilt remote camera can output 4K video via HDMI, USB and IP transmission. By introducing technological capabilities developed in our 4K cameras for movie production and TV station use, we created the AW-UE70W/K as a 4K integrated camera that can be effectively used in a variety of environments. It achieves 4K shooting in situations where higher image quality is necessary, such as lecture recordings and conference, wedding and funeral hall content production.

A four-drive lens system for high-image-quality zooming in 4K shooting

With the four-drive lens system, three zoom lenses and one focus lens are driven independently and simultaneously. Since the four groups of lenses can be driven separately, we were able to efficiently minimize the size and drive range of each lens and thereby achieve a smaller body and a zoom mechanism with high magnification and high image quality. Despite its compact size, the AW-UE70W/K has a high-resolution 20x optical zoom and a high-performance iA 22x zoom (4K mode).


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