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EditShare Updates XStream EFS Shared Storage Platform

EditShare Updates XStream EFS Shared Storage Platform with Flexible New Architecture and Expanded Data Protection Options to Support Advanced Workflow Implementations

XStream EFS users can now create shared storage solutions that precisely match the technology and business requirements of media & entertainment enterprises.

EditShare are a technology leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions. On September 6th 2016, EditShare® announced a new release of its EditShare EFS XStream Shared Storage platform. With this launch, the EFS storage platform enables users to mix and match high performance SSD, performance-optimized HDD, and cost-optimized HDD nodes in any combination. Accompanying this are powerful Storage Goal features, and an expanded suite of file protection schemes. This enables users to match the degree of fault tolerance, with the value of the media assets on a workspace-by-workspace, or project-by-project basis. Even the most sophisticated EFS configurations still remain easy to manage, easy to scale and ultra-reliable. This is with one management interface, one set of user accounts and one IP network, combined with its proven automatic integration of new storage resources and XStream EFS High Availability options.

Optimizing Storage Technology and File Protection

While an XStream EFS storage system isn’t the first to support mixed HDD- and SSD-based storage, it is the first storage system to allow users to dynamically define the combination of storage technology; as well as file protection that is applied to media and project spaces. Within an XStream EFS storage cluster, users can now define semi-autonomous Node Groups that can be based on HDD or SSD technology. Previous XStream EFS configurations supported only XOR2, XOR3 and XOR4 file protection schemes that could tolerate the loss of a single EFS storage node. This latest release adds COPYn protection (a.k.a. mirrored files) that can be configured to protect against multiple storage node failures. Compared to XORn, COPYn protection is computationally less intensive; this characteristic makes it a better choice for high data-rate film captures and for protecting frequently updated files like FCPX project files.

XStream EFS Storage Goals are node group and file protection combinations that are assigned to media and project spaces. This allows users to optimize storage technology and file protection for each step in their post-production workflow.

It’s All About Workflow

Many demanding projects involve real-time ingest of uncompressed 4K streams. In such a situation, a user can stream to an EFS media space hosted on SSD nodes, and use mirrored protection (COPY2). This is to be able to obtain the best possible performance. Subsequent workflow steps typically involve compressed files with lower performance requirements, and the user may also wish to change protection to a more efficient, robust XORn scheme. With the XStream EFS, the user simply defines a new storage goal and the XStream EFS system automatically moves the media space from the SSD nodes to the HDD nodes. This then revises the file protection from COPY2 to XORn protection. Throughout this process, client devices such as NLEs have uninterrupted access to the media space(s). Management systems, such as EditShare Flow MAM and Ark Archive, remain linked to the media space and associated files.

“It’s not uncommon for post-production workflows to start with uncompressed 4K content and transition to other production formats,” comments Bill Thompson, product manager for storage at EditShare, “As the project progresses, the loss of media data has a much more dramatic impact. The XStream EFS is the first scalable shared storage solution to permit the type of storage medium and file protection to be dynamically adjusted as project requirements evolve.”

About XStream EFS

The EditShare XStream EFS high availability shared storage solution has become the core storage platform of choice for many of the world’s most successful facilities and productions, including WMHT, Sid Lee and Endemol Shine Germany. Powerful, affordable, easy-to-manage, highly reliable and highly scalable (5PB+), XStream EFS online media storage can cope with exploding media volumes, high data rates and the complexities of today’s collaborative production workflows. With the latest Native Client support delivering increased performance and resiliency, EFS is the only platform to combine efficiency, high bandwidth and extensive fault-tolerance (metadata, media data and hardware redundancy). Seamless integration with EditShare Flow (media asset management) and EditShare Ark (archiving) complete the end-to-end workflow with purpose-built tools for media production and delivery.

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About EditShare

EditShare is a technology leader in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the post-production, TV, and film industries. Our ground-breaking products improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, archiving and backup software, media asset management, and Lightworks – the world’s first 3-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application.

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