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Quantum 32 HDR Monitor

You may have seen the Quantum 32 HDR Monitor from SmallHD on our stand at MPTS 2024, it created a lot of attention and a big response to find out more.

Due to a huge interest in the Quantum 32, we are pleased to announce that we are now taking advanced bookings to meet with the product management team, and for you to further evaluate this innovative monitor.


Quantum 32

Quantum 32

A 31.5″ quantum dot OLED monitor that meets the demands of HDR colour grading and mastering.

The Best Panel Tech in the World

Quantum 32 is the result of a partnership between SmallHD and Samsung Display Corporation to create an HDR reference monitor that meets the requirements of motion picture production and post. SDC has pioneered quantum dot OLED, utilizing Nobel Prize- winning nanotechnology to achieve unparalleled colour and dynamic range.




Our Most Advanced Display Technology

QD-OLED panels directly emit narrow spectrum RGB light evenly in all directions, providing uniform luminance up to 1000nits, extending colour gamut coverage to 99% of DCI-P3, and enabling an exceptionally wide viewing angle.




More Colours, More Colour Volume.

Quantum dot OLED enables an exceptionally high volume of colour expressions. The results more closely approximate human vision: extremely high colour purity and peak luminance. 


Advanced Video Processing + PageOS

Quantum 32 features a new, more powerful central processor with an entirely custom-designed architecture running PageOS, SmallHD’s unique operating system. PageOS is an intuitive and highly customizable page-based monitoring interface with extensive tools for video engineering workflows, and numerous third-party software integrations.


New in PageOS

Improved Colour Pipe Controls

Improves contextual understanding with simplified descriptions and layout.

Built-In Calibration

Calibrate Quantum 32 with new PageOS in-monitor auto calibration tool. No 3rd-party software required.

New Fleet Control App

Provides total remote access to all network connected SmallHD monitors. Control settings, tools, and more

Multi-Function Rotary Encoders

One-touch controls with the ability to change different tools, settings, and functions on the fly.

SDI Output of Processed Signals

Allows 3D LUTs to be applied to output video. Video can be sent downstream to other devices with LUT applied

Multi-View EOTFs and LUTS

Simultaneously display up to 4 SDR and HDR feeds with or without LUTs. Compare SDR and HDR feeds

Quantum 32 Hardware Overview

Unibody Smart Chassis


Be the first to find out available loan dates.

Dates are yet to be confirmed however, you can book a place - please click below, or contact your Altered Images account manager.

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