From the greenest buildings to the cleanest cars, the smartest factories to the biggest stories, amazing things are created every day with Autodesk. Over four decades Autodesk have worked together with their customers to transform how things are made. Today their solutions span countless industries, empowering innovators everywhere to combine technologies in new ways, unleash talent, and unlock insights to make the new possible.

Visual Effects and Media & Entertainment solutions

Bring breathtaking scenes and characters to life for film, TV and games

Autodesk software for visual effects (VFX) professionals powers modern production pipelines.

The Media & Entertainment Collection includes all of the tools you need to build a powerful and scalable 3D animation pipeline for complex simulations, effects and rendering.

From detailed battle sequences to hyperrealistic creatures, render your toughest projects with Arnold  Create complex effects including explosions, fire, sand and snow with Bifrost for Maya Empower artists with a choice of tools to produce beautiful, film-quality work every time

3ds Max – 3ds Max modelling, rendering and animation software

Produce professional-quality 3D animations, renders and models with 3ds Max® software. An efficient and flexible toolset to help you to create better 3D content in less time. FIND OUT MORE  

Maya – Powerful character creation, animation and VFX tools

From fantastic creatures to sweeping landscapes and explosive battle sequences, the Academy Award-winning Maya® toolset is a top choice for creating believable characters and the worlds around them. FIND OUT MORE 

Flame – 3D visual effects (VFX), finishing and colour grading software

Enjoy the speed of 2D compositing – with 3D visual effects. Flame® 3D VFX and finishing software provides powerful tools for 3D compositing, visual effects and editorial finishing. An integrated, creative environment means faster compositing, advanced graphics, colour correction and more. FIND OUT MORE 

Shotgrid – Software that connects studios, teams and creative workflows 

Trusted by thousands of creatives worldwide, ShotGrid (formerly Shotgun Software) is a central hub that unifies production management and the creative process-enabling studios to work more efficiently.  FIND OUT MORE  

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