Spun Gold Opens New In-house Post Facility Powered by Avid Storage and Artist Suites

Since opening its doors in 2004, London-based Spun Gold has become a leading independent TV production company with a world-class reputation.

Delivering a diverse range of outstanding television programs to broadcasters worldwide, Spun Gold is credited with creating a catalogue of British television iconic shows, as well as this year’s ITV Studios’ coverage for The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration. In 2016, due to a wave of new program commissions, Spun Gold decided to bring post-production in-house to streamline its operations and installed a state-of-the-art Avid edit facility.

In a career spanning 20 years, Spun Gold’s head of post production, Julia Obara, has worked for some of the best facilities in the country, including Monkey Kingdom where she oversaw productions including Made In Chelsea, and At It Productions, running post services for popular shows like T4Popworld, and Hider in The House. In her current role at Spun Gold, she played a pivotal part in the company’s expansion and opening of its post production services.

Spun Golds’ investment, designed and supported by Avid Elite Reseller, Altered Images Ltd, saw the installation of seven state-of-the-art offline editing suites running Avid Media Composer and Avid Artist | DNxIO hardware. The suites are backed by 20TB of Avid’s revolutionary software-defined shared storage solution, Avid NEXIS | PRO. Obara takes up the story: “Avid had recently introduced NEXIS | PRO, dubbed as the perfect shared storage solution for a small edit workgroup. With such an accessible price point and the capabilities it offered, we could see how we’d make an immediate return on our investment.”

Avid NEXIS | Pro is a more affordable, smart shared storage system that speeds up editorial efficiency across the board, enabling up to 24 contributors to share the same assets simultaneously for real-time collaboration. “Collaboration is an essential part of our edits,” continued Obara. “Often we can have four or more edit suites working on one programme so require a flexible workflow to make any quick changes that a production demands.”

Every contributor across the entire production is now able to move in parallel and complete a project faster thanks to the integrated and open Avid workflow. “We’re passionate about bringing quality shows of all genres to the screen,” added Obara. “Adding storage and edit suites to provide post-production services to complement our productions is a natural expansion of Spun Gold’s operation. The fact we can scale up the Avid workflow as we grow is a real plus point, it means we’ll have the bandwidth to handle higher resolution workflows in the future.”

Obara continued: “With broadcasters’ requirements constantly changing, managing and storing all of today’s different formats is a big challenge. With Avid’s industry-proven solutions we can trust that they will always do what’s required. Media Composer and NEXIS | Pro’s ability to deal with different formats and codecs, and transcode media in the background are all valuable features that as a fast-turnaround facility, we can’t live without.”

The Avid NEXIS software-defined storage platform for flexible media production is available now—find out more here.