Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) specializes in shared storage hardware and software products for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Since our beginning in 1998, we’ve continuously applied our ingenuity and experience to create outstanding products that exceed industry expectations, while providing over-the-top support to our customers.

As innovators with unmatched industry experience, expertise, and passion, our goal is to create unique products that enhance the entire content creation workflow from beginning to end.

What Sets SNS Apart?

Real lab, running real NLEs, doing real world workloads
Our testing and QA labs are centered around Adobe, Apple, Avid, AutoDesk, Sony, Resolve, NewTek, and Ross Video production environments. We have a team of people in our lab, and it’s a big, expensive playground for people like us. We’re surrounded by the latest workstations, networking gear, and racks full of servers and various storage hardware. We run a lot of the same software and NLEs you’re using (Premiere, Media Composer, FCPX, Resolve, etc.), and we use our well-stocked integration lab to do real-world stress testing and compatibility testing for everything we create.

Workflow defined, not a generic storage box
Everything we build — from our custom EVO OS to the ShareBrowser client software that we include with every EVO system — is designed to provide the best blend of shared performance and function, even in mixed NLE and cross-platform environments.

Easy on the IT
Many of our initial calls come from people who have a big problem with their current storage solution

Affordable, and no “per seat” software licenses
We have several EVO models available, including 16, 8, and 4 bay systems. You can configure your EVO to best suit your needs, number of users, and budget. We have no “per seat” software licensing costs, so as your team size increases you won’t have to buy additional licenses of software for the shared storage system.

New EVO family

Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

EVO Shared Media Servers

Every system includes the storage server running EVO OS, the EVO software suite, SSD or HDD, direct-connect Ethernet ports (up to 100GbE), and lifetime technical support.

Upgrade options are available to easily add more capacity or increase the number of connectivity ports.

EVO 16 Bay


Large workgroups. A fully configured EVO 16 bay system expands to a total of 80 disks and up to 26 clients without an Ethernet switch. Up to 1.8PB, 3U,Up to 80 disks.

EVO 8 Bay (2U)


For Medium Size Workgroups Add up to eight drives (HDD or SSD) in EVO Base, Add an EVO Expansion Unit for a total of 528TB per node.

EVO Prodigy



For Small workgroups upto 88TB ,Add up to 4 drives in EVO Prodigy, Start with 10GbE ports (two included),Increase Ethernet ports for a total of eight ports.

EVO Prodigy Desktop


A small and quiet multi-purpose shared storage desktop server A fully configured EVO Prodigy Desktop expands to a total of 4 disks and up to eight clients without an Ethernet switch.



Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

EVO Shared Media Servers

Cloud and on-premise workflow solutions

The EVO shared storage video editing server gives professional media teams incredible performance and supercharged efficiency.

It offers a suite of workflow features for on-site and remote users, including the powerful and easy-to-use ShareBrowser MAM, Nomad, and Slingshot with cloud, NLE, and A.I. integrations. 

It’s a beautiful thing. Cloud and on-premise workflow solutions

The EVO shared storage video editing server gives professional media teams incredible performance and supercharged efficiency.


The award-winning EVO Suite,

Included With every EVO

Every EVO shared storage solution includes the multi-award-winning EVO Suite of software tools, including ShareBrowser media asset manager, Slingshot transcode and automations engine, and Nomad for remote workflow.


Search, find, tag, comment, preview, archive… for the whole team.

ShareBrowser is perfect for post-production teams that collaborate around a shared storage workflow, giving everyone a central, searchable database.

Includes panels for Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser are included with every EVO system



Automate your workflow

Instead of spending creative time on transcoding, file transfers, and backups, Slingshot automates these tasks—and more.

Slingshot is an easy-to-use automations engine that saves time in your team’s creative workflow. Automatically index, transcode, backup, replicate, and move your media on your own terms.



A must-have for remote video editors.

Take your workflow on the go with Nomad, EVO’s remote editing tool.

Nomad retrieves all the proxy media and source files you need to work on your remote editing projects offline, making it easy for team members to edit from anywhere in the world.

Included for unlimited users with EVO, Nomad is perfect for working from home, remote freelancers, and hybrid on-site/off-site workflows.


Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

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