Automate media QC workflows

Everything you need to automate your media QC

The professional automated media QC platform that takes all the effort out of ensuring video files meet international delivery standards… and look awesome!

QSCAN Screenshot 1Quality Checking for All

Friendly web-based UI
QScan has a highly visual, intuitive and easy to use interface that runs in your web browser.

QC Anywhere, any size
Run on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Scalable for growing workflow environments.

Industry Approved
Meets delivery standards for Netflix, Apple, HBO etc., and many broadcasters around the globe: NHK, Canal +, TV5, JCOM, JSPORTS, M6, COMCAST.

Flexible Plans
QScan has several versions, each with different capabilities, available as monthly and yearly subscription, or as a perpetual license.

QSCAN Screenshot 2Comprehensive Analysis

Files and formats
QScan can handle hundreds of codecs and containers including IMF and DCP packages.

Detects all common issues
QScan can detect Digital Dropouts, Out of Gamuts, Missing Audio, Photosensitive Epilepsy, and much more!

HDR Analysis and Reporting
Support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HD10+ and HLG. Analysis of HDR metadata. Video analysis with MaxFALL, MaxCLL and gamut, with color space information display in a CIE diagram.

Comparative Analysis
Allows comparison of two or more files to find differences in any of the detected parameters

Built for Quality

Built for professional broadcast quality workflows
Use pre-configured templates to take the hassle out of delivering files to OTT/VOD or Broadcast specs.

Automated QC

Manual video QC is hard and time consuming. Automate your media quality workflows. With various global delivery formats, QScan has you covered, checking files wherever your content is going.

No Guesswork

We make it easy! No media QC guesswork
The visual based timeline, helps you to quickly and easily see the results of your intelligent testing workflows.

Start a video QC in minutes with Quick Analysis

Manual video QC workflows are notorious time vacuums, even for the simplest checks. Whether you’re a one person facility or enterprise-class broadcaster, QScan will automate your media quality and compliance in moments and save you ridiculous amounts of time, stress and money (The Big Three!)

Industry Disrupting Prices.

For a simple monthly or yearly subscription (which is over 10x more affordable than other Video QC software) you get as much media checking as you can handle.

QSCAN Pricing

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