Proline by Exacta

Ultra-High-Performance Workstations, Designed with Purpose, Built in the UK.

Proline is part of the Exacta Technologies Group, we have bought our years of expertise and knowledge of proven processes to build innovative, state of the art, high performance workstations and servers.

Based on absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility. Designed from the inside out, Proline systems remove the barriers so you can do your greatest work on whatever application you need.

Proline Workstations 

Proline workstations are high end and aimed at professionals working in post-production houses and creative media companies. We use the best components on the market to build powerful, workload crushing systems. These systems are nothing like your average PC.

The Proline range has been designed to suit specific sectors and software applications; therefore, we look to tailor the hardware and optimise components best suited to the workload. The PL Range of Workstations & Servers can be customised around CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, expansion, connectivity and more. Our flexibility when being aware of the intended use ensures we build the best system for the workload and the professional.

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Proline GPU Servers 

Prolines range of GPU Servers are purpose-built for transitioning workflows with demanding render operations, with a broad scope for customisation of the CPU, GPU, and memory. We have deployed these GPU solutions into media and entertainment, postproduction, and rendering & post-processing industries. Proline’s GPU and parallel processing servers scale from single and dual GPU, with relatively low capital outlay, to multi-node clusters with GPU Direct inter-connect support.


One of the things we’re really proud of, and something that sets our workstations apart I think, is the attention to detail we’ve put into every single part. From the mouse mat through the box the workstation comes in, we’ve tried to keep the highest standards.

CEO and Founder, Nick Rogers
Proline by Exacta

Featured Products

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Proline PL-Ultimate G2 Workstation

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