Marshall Broadcast & AV

For over 40 years, Marshall Electronics, Inc. has been a leading worldwide provider of professional audio and video technologies for broadcast TV, corporate AV, Unified Communications (UCC), studio audio production, and industrial OEM.

Marshall Broadcast & AV

Marshall Broadcast & AV is a globally recognized and award-winning brand for providing high performance and reliable products for live broadcast TV, integrated AV, and cinema production.


Marshall has become a global source for Broadcast-quality video cameras in HD, UHD, and 4K resolutions serving a variety of workflow configurations. Over 40-years of experience collaborating with some of the top broadcast and professional AV integrators in the world of video production has conditioned us to design and build high-level camera performance with reliable video signals and durable builds. Making big leaps forward each generation over the past decade while maintaining extremely affordable price points at exceptional value.

Adopted by some of the largest broadcast, sportscast, newscast, live events, and television production companies in the world only challenges us to get better, to push the limits further, and to strive for greater excellence. Whether it is Entertainment, News Reporting, Sports Coverage, Concerts, Video Collaboration, Live Events, House of Worship, Teleconference, Medical, Streaming, Courtroom, Education, or any industry using our cameras – we are fully committed to our core set of values which includes refined video performance, technical collaboration, product reliability, and responsive technical support.


Featured Products

Marshall Miniature HD Cameras

Miniature HD Cameras

Marshall Miniature HD Cameras deliver broadcast quality video in ultra-small, durable housings, able to be fit into discreet places with interchangeable lenses and remote adjust-and-match capability.

Marshall Compact UHD cameras

Compact HD/UHD/4K Cameras

Marshall Compact HD Cameras offer same broadcast quality video in higher resolution options and same remote adjust-and-match settings with universal CS mount type convertible to multiple lens platforms.

PTZ Cameras

Marshall Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras offer crisp broadcast-quality images up to UHD (4K) resolution with smooth, synchronous movements controllable from IR remote, professional grade joysticks, or video management software. Available colors come in black or white with simultaneous outputs through 12GSDI, 6GSDI, 3GSDI, HDMI, USB, IP (HEVC), NDI®, and HDBT optional outputs.

Marshall CV226

£380.00 ex. VAT

Marshall CV344

£435.00 ex. VAT

Marshall CV346

£469.00 ex. VAT

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