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Bridging The Gap Between Production And Post

Cutting-edge tools for media workflows. Purpose built and pressure tested to boost productivity and deliver new capabilities.


Everything you need to securely share, receive & review your video content in the cloud

Share, collaborate, review and manage your video projects in minutes. Industry tested with over 18 years of experience in film, broadcast, television, and digital projects.

Remote Workflows Have Never Been This Easy

Share Links

REACT’s adaptable Share Links provide the most flexible and secure way to share and receive media. With updatable permissions, customisable expiry and unlimited sharing, there’s no simpler, faster and more secure way to connect people with content in the cloud.

Upload Direct to NLEs

REACT offers fast, multi-file and folder upload, retaining structure and removing the hassle of organising your content in the cloud. And with direct uploads into Share Links, editors can receive content in their NLEs without having to manually download. It’s like magic.

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Share, Receive & Review

  • Unlimited Share Links, unlimited Reviewers
  • Watchfolders for automated upload, download and distribution
  • Frame accurate comments synced in realtime with other users
  • Notifications via email and browser
  • Easily share with individuals or groups with a built in Address Book
  • Update permissions on the go with adaptable Share Links
  • Upload directly to Share Links for real time collaboration
  • Share & preview any type of content - video, audio, images, text & PDFs


Upload & Download

  • Drag and Drop to upload multiple files and folders, retaining structure
  • Upload directly into Share Links
  • Upload with proxy specs to skip transcoding in the cloud
  • Accelerated upload with file chunks or integration with MASV
  • Download proxy, hi-res or transcoded versions
  • Prevent download of restricted content PDFs


Best-in-class Security

  • Multi-factor authentication using mobile or authenticator apps
  • Digital rights Management (DRM) right through to browser
    Global or Personal Watermarks
  • Password access
  • Share Link Expiry with updatable expiry date
  • Support for Single Sign-On (Active Directory / Azure Active Directory)
  • SSL / TLS - all communication to and from our cloud is 256bit encrypted
  • Add members and restrict permissions with Group Access Controls

Organise & Manage Content

  • Ingest - from desktop to cloud
  • Includes support for FTP / FTPS
  • Lock folders to prevent users adding or deleting content
  • Auto-delete source or transcoded files at specified intervals
  • Auto-archive to lower cost storage or S3 vendors such as Backblaze
  • Rename files or folders
  • Add or modify metadata

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