Imagine Products

Experience you can count on Since 1991, Imagine Products has helped digital video professionals (and beginners) back up, view, organise, share, transcode and archive their irreplaceable work.

Imagine offer various products to meet industry specific workflows.


Automated offloading and secure ingestion is critical to saving, protecting, and retrieving your work. Imagine offer the industry’s most trusted solutions for securely transferring the contents of cards, hard disks and digital recorders. Their products also make naming files and folders easy while offering the depth necessary for organising big projects.


Most often archiving is the final stage of the workflow and saving your projects to LTO tape not only provides a long term solution but ensures that files are secure. However with increasing speeds, higher capacities and easy to use LTFS software – LTO tapes have found their way into many different parts of the process. These applications can help navigate the LTO world using the open source LTFS. 


With so many new ways to capture media, having an application to translate these clips into usable formats has become more and more important. Whether transcoding for the web, to share the files, preparing them for editing or archiving proxies – having a exceptional application makes you the boss of all formats.

Quality control is critical at many places in the workflow but none may be as crucial when these once in a lifetime shots are captured. While file verification is very important, visually inspecting clips are absolutely paramount. We’ve created some Quality Control tools to help you in that process.

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