FPS. Resolution. Bit depth. Stability to the max.

High-end broadcasting and cinematography are uniquely demanding. High-resolution and high-FPS capture require massive capacities in the tiniest form factors. A single hiccup is enough to ruin a whole shoot and cause a budget overrun. Unwavering recording stability is the key.

Do you have the right professional tools at your disposal?

Harsh conditions. Professional requirements.

Broadcasting and cinematography are at the cutting edge of technology. The quest for ever-improving image quality and video performance ensures that these applications will always require the best.

Modern professional video cameras produce staggering amounts of data at a pace that is difficult to put into perspective. 8K video capture at 60 FPS requires capturing the color of over 35 million pixels every second – for the full length of a shoot.

These tremendously demanding workloads require purpose-designed professional storage devices that can keep up with an onslaught of data without ever dropping performance or dropping a frame. And those are the minimum requirements.

In the real world, however, professional broadcasting and cinematography are about much more than meeting minimum requirements. Special moments and unique perspectives take equipment to taxing places and into taxing environments.

True professional equipment does not only excel in perfect laboratory settings but also in the real world, where they are used by professionals in challenging conditions – day in, day out. Whether it is extreme temperatures, high humidity, high elevations, or mechanical stress of any kind, all equipment must keep up. 

That is what separates professional gear from gear that needs to get replaced.  


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