We are a teleprompter company with a fresh way of thinking; modern and progressive whilst upholding old-school values. Home to the first complete IP-based prompting solution, we’ve been leading the way since day one.

CueScript is a teleprompter company with the personal touch. 

The CueScript team collectively has more experience in the prompting industry than any other. With design for purpose, ingenuity and quality at the forefront, we have developed a range of exciting products. Understanding the needs of the customer and listening to the end user are sometimes forgotten. CueScript invite free thinking, we want to push boundaries and we have the drive and ability to promptly react to ideas or requests. 

Whether it be development of bespoke systems or general progression, CueScript are open to customer needs and requirements. Turning an idea into product is what we thrive on.

IP is in our DNA

We provide broadcasters and prompter users with a flexible solution that encompasses conventional connectivity (USB and Composite or HD-SDI video), as well as full IP connectivity, all in the one system, as standard; thereby supporting you for today and tomorrow, future proofing your purchase.

Featured Products

CueiT Software & Controls

A truly operator and production friendly prompting software has been born! CueiT is the world’s first complete IP-based prompting solution supporting you for today and tomorrow.

SayiT – Streamline Your Teleprompter Experience
SayiT is a cutting-edge prompting software application designed to enhance your teleprompter experience. With SayiT, you can effortlessly have your script automatically scroll in perfect synchronization with your speech, eliminating the need for manual scrolling and ensuring a seamless presentation.

CueMe App – CueMe – CueiT App for iOS and Android
CueScript are developing a range of exciting new software applications designed to enhance the prompting process for presenters, producers and technical staff.

CueTALK Cloud
CueTALK Cloud is an innovative service offered by CueScript, designed to revolutionize the way you use CueiT, our powerful software application.



Monitors & Hoods

Take a look at our range of prompter monitors designed and built for purpose. With sizes from 10.4″ to 19″, our displays suit all types of production and setup. Our hoods are easy to rig and can fit lenses of all sizes, keeping things simple and efficient.

FR7 PTZ Prompter
The Sony FR7 PTZ camera is unique from other PTZ cameras in that it features a full-frame cinema sensor and interchangeable lenses, so CueScript has created a unique prompter solution specifically for this.

CSP10S – CSF10SDI 10.4″ HD-SDI Teleprompter Monitor
CueScript 10.4″ Collapsible Teleprompter System
Compatible with CueScript CSMPS Small Mount Purple and CSHCS Small Collapsible Hood as part of the CSP10S package


Speech Prompters

Address an audience or congregation confidently and factually by using the smart CueScript Speech Prompter Stands, ideal for award ceremonies, conferences and presentations

CSSPS – CueScript Speech Prompter Stand
CueScript Speech Prompter Stand
The manual CueScript Speech Prompter Stand is designed for use by Presenters, Public Speakers and Lecturers. It allows the speaker to address an audience or congregation confidently, factually and provides a reference to their script, without losing viewer engagement.

Robotic Telestepper3® Teleprompter Stands
CueScript have collaborated with PresenterTek to offer the Telestepper Rise & Fall Robotic Stands. The Telestepper system allows remote adjustment of Teleprompter stands, ranging in height from 4’6″ to 6’6″



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