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Camgear Inc. is a high-tech company based in Beijing, China which manufactures an extensive line of high quality camera support products, fluid heads and tripods systems for the Broadcast and Film industry.

Offering professional level products at affordable prices with amazing quality and reliable after sales service is their main goal. Over the past couple of years Camgear has experienced steady growth and will keep developing and investing in expertise.

Camgear’s expertise in the design and development of their products, in combination with strict quality control procedures ensures exceptionally high-quality products.

Offering professional level performance at affordable prices, amazing quality and reliable after sales service and support are their main goals. These goals have allowed Camgear to experience robust growth and they will keep striving to develop their expertise even further.

Camgear’s fluid heads & tripod systems are renowned the world over for achieving smooth and precise drag movement, elegant ergonomic architecture, accurate counterbalance systems and reliable performance.

The range covers everything from lightweight tripod systems that are suitable for (semi) professional use, to the extremely strong and durable combination packages designed for the Broadcast and Cinema style set-ups.


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