Autoscript is the world’s leading provider of professional teleprompting equipment, with an extensive network of dealers, distributors and technology partners.

We have manufactured reliable, premium-quality hardware and software solutions for over 30 years, supplying both networks and stand-alone operations. Autoscript products are the broadcast industry standard and the new Intelligent Prompting system offers the world’s only fully IP-enabled, end-to-end prompting workflow.

With innovative products developed and supported by an experienced global team, Autoscript is chosen to supply the world’s most prestigious broadcaster


Featured Products

Autoscript WinPlus

Software Systems 


The power behind Intelligent Prompting

With a recognisable look and feel refined over many years of use, familiar shortcut keys and enhanced functionality, WinPlus-IP is a simple and modern refresh of the industry standard prompting application.

WinPlus-IPS (WP-IPS) is a simple but powerful application ideally suited for single operator productions.

Designed with corporate, educational and government productions in mind, the software employs many of the features of WinPlus-IP, including the modern customisable user interface, super smooth scroll preview and live script editing.



On Camera Systems 

Clearly the best connected
The E.P.I.C. integrated prompting system has become the number one broadcast on-camera monitor in the world because of its unique design which combines a high-bright prompting screen with an integrated talent monitor.

An Intelligent evolution in broadcast prompting
The new EVO-IP prompt monitor is the slimmest broadcast prompt monitor available, with a depth of just 41.5mm. Its sleek, lightweight design is perfect for productions using even small robotic camera supports.

PTZ Mounting System
The Autoscript PTZ prompter mounting system is a professional solution for teleprompting with PTZ cameras.



Conference/Executive Systems

Rise & Fall Stand (MRFS)

Designed with knowledge gained within rental divisions over the last 25 years, the Rise & Fall Motorised Robotic Stands offer:

  • Ability to adjust the height of the stands locally using deskpad
  • Flexibility for all variations when used at award ceremonies, conferences and presentations
  • Prompter video can be shared via an on-board video distribution amplifier with termination


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